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Monday, November 19, 2018

15 Things In A Relationship That Are Important | You shouldn't Miss This

15 Things In A Relationship That Are Important

Things In A Relationship That Are Important

''As much as love is needed, Sense is needed much more.''

For some people, being in a relationship seems like an achievement. Some people equate it to buying a house, acquiring a land and much more but the truth is, being in a relationship requires so much more than that. 

The feeling that comes may be mutual but you need to throw in more spices that can make it tastier and last longer. These spices come as those things in a relationship that are important which I'm going to show you in this post shortly. 

They are essential to keep the bond that love began. Some of the things a relationship needs are right here. You should note that it is a two-way thing. Feed your sense!

Being in a relationship affords you the express opportunity to know your partner. You should have an understanding of what you want. So that it would not be a matter of “I see, I like, and I take”. The end point of any dating relationship should be marriage. 

Nobody is perfect so you should ask yourself, “can I take this person’s flaws for the rest of my life?” if you can’t, take a bow. Understand the person. If you have to walk away from somebody let it not be on a quarrelsome note. Tell the person “I appreciate you but you don’t have what I need in a relationship” and then close the door well because you may need to open it again for another reason. 

The world has a lot of broken people. Broken people produce broken families. Broken families produce broken children and the whole series of brokenness continues again. Our job is to make the world better not broken. You can start in your relationship. You have to leave your partner better than you found them. 

In this time and age, every woman cringes at the word “submission”. They feel it’s a taboo for a woman to submit to her husband but God wants us to be Jesus filled and act like Jesus will act. 1 Colossians 3:18 exhorts on the woman being submissive. The man should, in turn, love the woman enough to evoke submission from her.
Alright, at point lets proceed in showing your 15 things in a relationship that are important. read carefully.

15 Things In A Relationship That Are Important

Things In A Relationship That Are Important

Broken trust is one of the things that is difficult to repair in a relationship and it can ruin a healthy flow. You should be able to zip everything up especially your trouser/ gown and your lips whenever your partner is involved. 

Betrayal could hurt more than a heart attack. It may not be so easy at first to trust but, trust me, it can be built over time. During the relationship ask deep and real questions that have to do with family, friends, preferences etc. This is one of the things in a relationship that are important.

It is popularly believed that dogs happen to be the most loyal of animals. Well, humans can be too if they want to be. If you want your relationship to wax stronger then you need to be ready to be devoted to your partner. Those things may not be so pleasant, but as far as your partner has a flair for it then you should be ready to support without hesitation. 

Don’t compare your partner with other people, the grass is greener when you water it. Don’t talk about your partner in wrong ways to people. Don’t let people’s opinion matter in your relationship, your happiness is important and as such, loyalty is one of the things in a relationship that are important.

Should I tell you something? 

You cannot be with someone you don’t have respect for. No matter how you try, there will be so much disagreement because there is no respect for values, principles, personalities and also decisions. Respect helps you fit into your partner’s shoes and know what is running through their mind. This is one of the things in a relationship that are important and can help your relationship to withstand the storm. Men should not body shame the woman because of their body size or skin color. Don’t be too overdriven by emotions till you hit your partner. And don't forget that ''Respect is reciprocal''.

Not telling them something or hiding something on purpose is just the same as dishonesty. Honesty is one of the most important things needed in a relationship. A true relationship is evident when you can tell each other anything and everything. Set healthy boundaries. Other males or females should know where they fall in your life. Let them know that the alpha male or alpha female has arrived.

Things In A Relationship That Are Important

If you don’t value what you have, you possibly will lose it. And when you do, it may never return. I need to let you in on one of the vital things in a relationship that are important. You need to have a value system where you respect values as much as you are adding to it. 

The importance of something to you can be seen in how much value you place on that thing. How you talk about your partner will be what they turn out to be. You experience what you expect. When you say “all men are dogs”, the men that are dogs are coming for you. 

Bring out the king in your man and bring out the queen in your woman. Your partner should know how to dream big in front of you without fear of sarcasm. Hold the person in high regard.

Many relationships crash because partners stop doing the things they used to do. You have to be consistent as you were from day one. Keep doing those little things and sooner or later, it will pay off. Pursue your woman and even when you have caught her, keep pursuing her. Don’t let the love poems die. If she was the cockroach in your cupboard, then keep assuring her that she is still the only cockroach there.

Be grateful for the little things your partner does. It will only spur them to do much more. Having a sense of appreciation does more than putting a smile on your partner’s face. It is one of those things in a relationship that are important. Be thankful. It is not easy for someone to condone your excesses.

Understand that assumption kills. Information only makes alive. Don’t be too quick to assume that your partner is in the know. Be ready to tell them anything and everything. Placing a call to your partner to let them in on the new deal that just hit is the perfect way to start it. It is one of the important things in a relationship

Healthy relationships need to have their own clash of interest, bad times and good times as well. Be open in your communication. Say what your problem is and how you feel and that way, it can be solved. Don’t just keep hard face and be forming Rambo. Shout scream, express yourself but don’t hit anybody. 

Holding grudges is like putting someone in prison and not realizing that person you put in prison is yourself. It is like drinking poison and expecting another person to die. It will ruin your chances of being happy and lively. And guess what? You just have to think about that person all day long, and of course, with the intention to hate. 

Forgive in advance. If you are an easy forgiver, it is easy for your relationship to move freely. Do not carry the fault of your previous relationship into the new one. Your partner does not have to pay for what your ex-did. These little things in a relationship are important.

It is not wrong to make a mistake but a responsible person should own up to their errors and strive to make it right. When you follow completely on your commitments, people take you seriously. Among the things in a relationship that are important, blaming people for your mistakes is not one of them. In fact, it is unprofessional. Take care of your own matters and be trustworthy. 

Don’t try to clog people up with too many burdens. Try to solve some problems with expertise. It is easy to give all your energy to your partner, sometimes they might not complain, but trust me, it wears them out. 

Get a life. Find something to do with yourself. Be financially independent. Do not rest your finances on your partner. Discover anything worthwhile to do so your partner will be an added advantage. Let someone not come and be the center of your life such that when the person is taken away, your whole life crumbles.

Things In A Relationship That Are Important

You should strive to let your partner feel safe around you. Being overprotective is not the catchy gesture but letting them live their lives with the consciousness that you will not be judgemental or pokey is. 

It is one good thing a relationship needs. Irrespective of your partner's’ flaws, try to appreciate them, give an open ear, cultivate compassion, show openness, and accept them for who they are. These are some of the things in a relationship that are important and cannot be overemphasized. 

Do the things that make you happy and that way, your relationship can last longer. It is not a game of “do and see”, it is a time to be actively out to derive inner peace. It is one of the things a relationship needs. Don’t trade your happiness because you want your partner to be happy. Your happiness is more important than self-pity.

Having a long-term focus in a relationship is very important. You need to show some sense of commitment as you keep building love. If you feel that your relationship is not leading to marriage, then why waste your time? Do something else that is of more value. But as far as relationships are concerned, being committed is one of the things that are important. Invest in your partner. It’s good to receive but it’s great to give so give, give and give some more. The woman should not always be on the receiving end, she is not a tax collector.

Things In A Relationship That Are Important

Above all else, you have to love yourself in a relationship. Self-love is the best love anyone can give or get. This is one of the very valuable things in a relationship that are important. Love is like a magic penny. If you hold it tight you would not have any. Spread it out for the world to get some. And of course, you don’t give what you don’t have. People suffer in relationships because they depend on people’s pillars of love to thrive. And when that pillar gets unavailable, they have no other source to lean on, they crash and get depressed. Once in a while, take yourself out and give yourself a treat.


Remember that love is a choice and you need to be intentional about building it. “Once upon a time” only happens in fairy tales. There are rules to follow in life’s journey and a relationship is one of the structures you will need to build and reform. Having an understanding of your building materials is key and those are the things in a relationship that are important.

Talk to senior people who have excelled at relationships. Submit your accountability to a pastor. So that you will have someone to watch you two hence where there is crisis, they can advise you two. Relationships are for mature minds. Be conscious of the people you talk to. 

The third fold cord has to be God and not people who will only want to hear your gist. In Ecclesiastes 4:12, one can easily realize that the first two cords are the man and the woman and the third is God, intertwined between them. Being united with God gives the partners the spiritual strength to cope with problems. 

Finally, In Christian relationships, there seems to be no difference between dating and courting. Some say they are different, while others say they are the same. In whatever you are doing, Jesus has to be the center. If you touch more, you cannot talk more. Sexual purity should be the focus. He is handsome but let the bed stay undefiled even if it is 2 minutes to the marriage.

Right now I really want to congratulate and appreciate you for sticking around to the end of this post. I'm sure you learned some important things in a relationship. I will advise you apply all and more of this guides to spice up your relationship. 

You can also drop your questions and contribution in the comment session below. 

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