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Thursday, November 22, 2018

15 Good Things To Do As A Single Woman | Social Activities For Singles

15 Things To Do As A Single Woman

Things To Do As A Single Woman

''Being a woman is a pretty important business. Treat as such''.

Men and women were created differently by God and were billed to operate on different levels but in a unique way that adorns their strengths and weaknesses. The challenge of this present day seems to be the woman question and the fight for an equal right which have turned almost all our girls, ladies and women into minor and major feminists.

Women, therefore, feel devalued and powerless. This makes them function in the confusion of who they are and where they fit. The power of being a woman is seen in the ability of the woman to rise up from the dirt of dominance and begin the fight to reclaim their self-worth, not for the purpose of equality, but to lead a better life. 

Ultimately, to guide you, I've put together social activities for singles and things to do as a single woman that's beneficial. Trust me, and follow this article carefully to the end, then thank me later as you will realize that it was basically written for you and your friends.

1 Corinthians 7: 17 says: “Nevertheless, each person should live life as a believer in whatever situation the Lord has assigned to them, just as God has called them. This is the rule I lay down in all the churches” (NIV). 

As a single woman, sex and romance are not the final quests. Even the church has somehow placed so much importance on family affairs that makes the singles to feel out of place. Society has sounded it so loud that the life of a single woman is something to be placed on the weighing scale. 

But then, the case should be different. 1 Corinthians 7: 40 speaks about being single as “better” and this should be an opportunity to know God and have a clear understanding of his will for your life.

The issue of “singlehood” has become one of the most discussed issues. It’s one of the most sought-after topics in books, journals, articles, TV series etc. There’s so much frenzy about singlehood and every single woman somehow, finds herself entangled with all the Do’s and don’ts of it all, while some other single woman begins to even lose the whole meaning and concept of singlehood. 

Do not get me wrong all these articles and books are good, but then they shouldn’t rob a balanced, healthy single woman of all her sanity or try stifling her with so much of what to do and what not to do.

Understand that time doesn’t wait for anyone, therefore, there are a lot of investments that need to be done as a single woman. The skill of being a woman has become non-existent. The moment marriage knocks, your life will have to be divided and you will not have all of it to yourself anymore. 

It is also possible that boredom could creep in unconsciously even when you are with your female fold. There are a lot of things to do as a single woman to regain our sanity and work towards a meaningful life. 

For us, singlehood is one of the best phases of life and can be so rewarding and it can be equally fulfilling if one simply sticks to the basics. Here are some rewarding, life-changing things to do as a single woman.

Let's begin.

Note: It is in no particular other

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15 Good Things To Do As A Single Woman

Things To Do As A Single Woman

Join And Be An Active Member Of A Local Assembly: 

While it’s important for every woman to be spiritually in tune and mature, know God for herself, it is also important that she belongs to a local assembly. Apostle Paul admonishes us to never forsake the assembly of the brethren. 

It is imperative that a single woman, identifies with a local church, be more than just a member but be an active part of the church. She can decide to join a ministry or department depending on her interest and choice. Most of the things to do as a single woman demands a lot of consistency and your readiness to grow.

Be Part Of A Good Social Group:

While we can be consumed with personal development, getting to the peak of our career, getting the task done, it is necessary to be part of a good and healthy social group. We know what they say about all work and no play making Jack a dull boy right? Well in this instance, all work and no rest makes Jane a really dull woman. 

This social group could be a book club, a single women’s club that fosters sisterhood and love etc. This, not also provides relaxation, provides a good avenue for good and right friendships and can encourage personal development too. It is one of the needful things to do as a single woman.

Be A Volunteer:

I believe that every woman has a voice and can contribute to the building of society, even in the smallest way. What we do for ourselves stays with us, but what we do for others transcends through time and changes generations. 

Imagine if Mary Slessor kept sitting at home, without deciding to stand with a cause, probably the killing of twins would not be in existence. 

Find that one thing you are passionate about, that sphere of the society that you want to see changed, find a group or an organization that is working towards that passion and gives your own input. It mustn’t be every day. Being a volunteer consistently in one cause once a week or twice can change someone’s life. Think about it, think about the change you can bring. 

Build A Strong Network / Intentionally Build Strong And Healthy Relationships:

Proverbs admonished that “iron sharpens iron”. The importance of good relationships and friendships with the right people cannot be overemphasized. Everyone needs people, we all need people not just for their companionship but also for the input they can bring in the direction of our lives. 

It is important that every woman intentionally builds strong, healthy relationships that will span through time and ages. These relationships will go a long way to helping a woman be so much of who she wants to be. Build strong networks today. 

You can start by communicating with your colleagues at work, extending an extra hand of friendship to that quiet, introvert sister in church. Who knows what you would find? A strong woman isn’t just a woman that knows her way around life’s issues, she’s one that has a community of other strong women behind her. Be intentional about your relationships. It’s one vital thing to do as a single woman.

Take That Step In The Right Direction:

You have dreams right? There has been something you’ve always wanted to do right from childhood? You’ve also always wanted to be a professional in that field? Right. This is the time. Turn those girlhood dreams into a reality by taking a step towards the right direction. 

Apply for that job. Go for that internship. Build yourself a career, bit by bit. Remember that you can never be too much of a woman. Think of it as one of the things to do as a single woman.

Things To Do As A Single Woman


Before you take a jump, listen first. Investments cannot only be money. Money, properties or assets are only a fraction of investment. Investment here means growth. Personal development. As a single woman, take out time to grow the mental self. 

We spend so much time and energy on making the physical parts of us beautiful. Why not take an extra step into investments in knowledge, character, and etiquettes and so on. Devour the right books. Attend targeted conferences that will take you a step further towards those goals. Watch webinars, podcast, listen to messages. 

The best investment is one we do for ourselves. Take care of your mind. Invest in it. Femininity is beyond the physical. 

Learn A Skill:

Now, this might sound cliché, but it’s really important. Arm yourself with a skill. Imagine if you have a skill of hairdressing and your friend sews while the other bake. Picture this. You realize that everything you need is at your doorstep. You spend less and save more. 

You need a dress for a wedding and voila!, your Friend Bianca makes it for you at little or no cost and you won’t even waste energy chasing any other tailor up and downtown. Skillset forms the necessary list of things to do for a single woman. 

Turn that hobby into a skill. If you love eating biscuits and you love baking them, turn it into a skill. If you love writing, be skilled in it. If you can crochet, excellent! Develop this skill. You might never know when it would come in handy. Proverbs remind us that a skillful diligent woman would stand before kings… think about this.

Things To Do As A Single Woman

Take A Trip:

It is said that traveling opens the mind. As a single woman, who can afford a holiday or two, travel. Take a trip. Explore. Learn cultures and believe me, your mindset and perceptions would never be the same. 

Traveling is a growth trigger, it can also be an example of social activities for singles. If you do not have enough funds to travel, fine. See the other end of the town. Get to those other areas of the town you’ve heard of. See people and get to know places within your city. This is part of the learning curve. Travel with friends. It’s one of the things to do when bored as a single woman. 

Build Strong Family Ties:

Sometimes we move away from home in search of greener pastures, or for independence and then forget our families in our bids to be successful. Our families are and should always be our strong priorities. Believe me, if you do not intentionally set out to build strong and unbreakable ties with your families while single, once married, if not careful, it will be almost impossible. 

You can be successful at work, at your job, at your career but I believe that all-round success begins with building strong ties with our families. Friends can come and go with seasons, we might even lose our jobs but family is constant. They are the ones who would never give up on us when others have. 

Be committed to be a faithful daughter, no matter how tight your schedule is. You can decide to call twice or thrice within the week, know the state of your parent’s health. Create time to visit home. 
''Family would always be constant''.

Build A Routine, Get A Life:

We’ve heard all that is being said about habit, routines, consistency. It is very important to have a routine as a single woman. Build an intentional life that is fostered on routine. Maintaining a routine gives you a firm grip on your life and on the future too. 

It mustn’t be a million things, find one habit and faithfully stay on it. You might fall today, rise tomorrow, get it right today and fail tomorrow. The deal is never to stop trying and you would find out that you have built a strong routine between the times of falling and rising. Build character dear single woman, be more than beauty, more than clothes, more than a carriage. Be a woman of strong character.

Things To Do As A Single Woman

Go On A Solitude Trip:

Get to know yourself. People don’t know the real you if you don’t know yourself. People can know a million things about somebody but they have not the slightest knowledge of themselves. Knowing yourself goes down to understanding your character, knowing your personality, knowing our gifting and the things God has placed in your care. Give attention to it. It is one of the things a single woman should do.

Plan A Visit To An Orphanage:

In James 1: 27, True religion can be typified when we visit orphans and widows. It affords us the opportunity to support a fainting heart. Take clothes, books, food and other things to them. There is no true smile that could be found on than a child’s face when he knows he is worth something. It gives them a reason to live life.

Learn Something Outside Your Field:

Learning never ends. It’s good to know everything about one thing but it’s better to know something about everything. Knowledge is vast and the more time you spend on learning something new, the wiser you become. You will definitely have an answer for every question

Things To Do As A Single Woman

Take Some Time Out To Relax:

Relaxation according to Wikipedia, ''is an emotional state of a living being'', of low tension, in which there is an absence of arousal that could come from sources such as anger, anxiety or fear. Your body and mind should be free from tension. Breathe in and breathe out.

Spend More Time Talking To God:

1 Thessalonians 5:17 says “pray continually” (NIV). 

A single woman is expected to pray for her husband, children, family, home, future and the list goes on. With prayers, she can decide what her life should look like. This is one of the important things to do as a single woman. 


Be single but not alone. God has created singlehood with more time and energy for disposal. It will be an error for a single woman not to make the most of this time she has been given.

As a single woman, there are things you can do and it is to your advantage. You can change our plans at a very short notice. You can inform some persons about it but you do not need their approval. Your personal time belongs to you and you alone. 

You decide what you wish to do with it. You call the shots! You decide how your money can and should be spent. Being single leaves more money at your disposal. Doing the work of the Lord is one of the major things to do as a single woman.

Don’t ever let anyone make you feel that singlehood is a stigma.

Finally, we have come to the end of this post and I really want to congratulate you for sticking around to the end. You can drop your questions and contribution in the comment section below.

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