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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Maintaining Purity In A Relationship | Sexual Purity

Maintaining Purity In A Relationship 

Maintaining Purity In A Relationship

Hey Folks,

Here is another interesting article that will be talking about relationships. I know almost everyone loves talking about relationships and also share their experiences. But it's one thing to be in a relationship and it's another thing to maintain it. And that's why today's article is going to be centered on maintaining purity in a relationship.  

Maintaining purity in a relationship is absolutely no child's play, and is most times easier said than done. Rather it's like plants rooted in a fertile soil of like minds with a unique level of emotional connection and it's also a limitless growth that strives beyond expectation no matter the shortcoming or storms it will stand the test of time.

I will not want to bore you with a long talk about relationships but move straight to our topic for today.

From the little knowledge I've gathered, I have discovered that so many people yearn for relationships that will last long, stay pure, and probably continue to marriage but have no Idea how to go about. Here's the good news, I have some few advice on sexual purity, an explanatory video on what to do that will help you with maintaining purity in a relationship.

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Maintaining Purity In A Relationship

Alright read carefully and make sure you understand what you are reading. But if you don't you can drop your questions and comment below. 

Here you go.

Find Real Love: Finding real love is kind of simple, unlike the way the world thinks it is. A caption once read a woman's heart should be so close to God, a man will have to seek Him to find her. So when I said find a real love I meant find God first, because God is love and in him, we move, we live and have our being.

Scripture says In Mattew 6:33 But Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Any relationship that does not see God as its basis is already a failed relationship.

Contrary to how most people picture God, I'd like to let you know that He wants us to be in a relationship, he wouldn't have created man if He never wanted relationships, that is one of the basic reasons we go to church.

So if we are created in his image, it only means we will yearn for companionship, but then he is asking that we do it the right way, one step at a time. From Spiritual (Him) to physical (us) and not the other way round.

It's when God becomes the anchor in our relationships we will stop experiencing failure and then the act of maintaining purity in a relationship will be much easier because the people of the world will say when a man and a woman are alone in a room the third person is the devil.

But when God has already front your relationship, (lead the relationship) then when a man and a woman are alone, the third person there is not just God but the Trinity where fellowship is made complete in God.

Remember Sex Is Sacred: A typical native movie will teach you that whatever is sacred, belongs to the Oracles and should not be touched. God created sex, it is his but he says that sex is sacred and should not be touched by different soul, it shouldn't be disrespected, it should not be haggled over like pricing for a cheap or even an expensive cloth in the market or anything, it should not be mistreated, it should not be abused or walked all over! He is saying only two souls that have become one have the license to explore all the treasures in this Island.

He is constantly reminding us that whoever breaks the edge, should be prepared for the serpents bile. That is why today we have a lot of heartbreak broken people, abandoned wives, husband, and children, divorce rates skyrocketing, miscreants and street urchins, unwanted pregnancies, the list go on, but this is not the original plan and purpose of God for sex.

So it will be more reasonable to stay pure in your relationship that is before marriage until the right thing is done.

Your Courtship: One of the best thing that can help us in maintaining purity in a relationship is avoiding unnecessary long courtship as much as possible. Long courtship usually creat room for temptations that most couple or partners will not be able to overcome, no matter the level of self-control they have

The truth is we are flesh and most times the ''arm of flesh''. But when the courtship period is just for some time, then it will be much easier for the couple or partners to hold back their fleshly and physical needs until marriage.

Engage A believer As Yourself: In God's formula for his children, only like terms should attract, and unlike terms repel. Dating a believer like yourself makes it much easier to maintain purity in a relationship because you both have the understanding that your bodies should be offered as living sacrifices and that your bodies are the temple of God, knowing fully well that he said in His word when you defile the temple he will destroy you (1 Corinthians 3:17).

So that reminder will help keep both of you in check and also making you understand that we are not just merely to stay away from sin but avoid temptation as much as we can. The bible has even made it easy, by advising us to ''flee from sin''. (Ecclesiasticus 21:2) I can remember writing an article on Overcoming Sin And Temptation. You can check it out, I'm sure it will help you.

Defined Your Relationship And Be Accountable: Another reason why most couples throw caution to the wind is that their relationship is not defined, two people will just begin to have feelings for each other and not before long they act on those feelings and become boyfriend and girlfriend, with no advice from family members, good friends, mentors, or even pastors, there is practically no one to monitor them, which will ultimately make their relationship a land with no rules. Of course, sin should be expected in such a relationship.

But when you have a reasonable reason before going into any relationship with advice from elders, counselors, pastors and also your personal advice. I trust this will help you in maintaining purity in a relationship.

For More Understanding On Maintaining Purity In A Relationship, Check OutThis Awesome Vidoe From @ GodlyDating101 . I'm Sure You Will Thank Me For This. 

Conclusion: Most people desire to maintain purity in their relationship, but how possible can you do that when you are living together with your partner in the same house and you see when he/she dress and undress, eat and even drinking heavy alcohol, hard drugs together forgetting that these practices can lead to sex and destruction in a relationship.

We shouldn't deceive ourselves with the mindset ''I have made up my mind to stay without sexual sin in a relationship, yet you're still living with what can make you fall into the sin, that really not possible. Joseph ran away from Potiphar's wife when he was told to lew with her. He knew that was the best solution that could save him from sinning against his God at that point so he ran (Genesis 39:12)

Finally: I have to remind you that sex before marriage is a sin which is God's standard. (Ephesians 5)
So as Christians let not forget that we are expected to keep our bodies holy and acceptable to our creator. Don't let any man deceive you, there's no connection, relationships between sex and the kingdom of heaven because sex before marriage is a fruit of darkness and sin. It's not the will and plan of God for us. So try not to partner with them (The world) in fornication as you stay pure in your relationships and courtship because sex doesn't keep or make a relationship stronger.

I will advise if you practice these principles listed above you I'm sure maintaining purity in a relationship (sexual purity) will be easy for you.

Someone once asked me this Question: How Do I Have A Godly Relationship?

Answer: I will say listen to God's voice before you start a relationship with your partner, live a life that will please God with your partner, pray and fellowship with your partner.

Thanks for stopping by.

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