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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

25 Things Everyone Should Know About Relationships | Must Read

25 Things Everyone Should Know About Relationships

Things Everyone Should Know About Relationships

Hello, here's one you'd love, Today's post is basically aimed at talking to you About Relationships, specifically Things Everyone Should Know About Relationships. Relationships require physical and emotional intimacy and it's can also be a close friendship between two persons either by blood or marriage, sometimes it's not easy but achievable.

Today everyone wants to be in a relationship. But unfortunately, most persons do not know what relationship is all about, what it means to be in a relationship, all they want to tell people is I'm in a relationship. To me, a relationship is more than just what defines it.

It has always been my desire to inspire people with information that will shape them and make them a better person, that's why I came up with the topic for today's article ''things everyone should know about relationships.

It took me time to figure out the best and necessary information that will help you set your mind and get ready for the ups and down before going into any relationship. So read carefully with understanding and thank me later.

 25 Things Everyone Should Know About Relationships 

Here you go with the list of things everyone should know about relationships 

1. Not all relationships have the same kind of people in it. Everyone is created differently and not all finger are equal. So you shouldn't expect your previous experience in your present relationship.

2. What works for a particular relationship might not work for another. One mans food is another man's poison.

3. All relationship have ups and down. Edd and flow 

4. Relationships need to be watered with love and care else it withers and dies. No matter what it takes, just do your best.

5. One's communication begins to reduce; here comes the end of the relationship. So in other to keep your relationship going, just keep on the communication no matter the distance.

6. Relationships could be choked to death with malice, jealousy, and unnecessary speculations.  If you're looking for healthy relationships, then you must avoid irrelevant things.

7. Every relationship is built on mutual respect and commitment. This is a very important factor that will help in healthy relationships, especially when both parties see's each other as one.

8. Every awesome relationship has a lot of giving than taking. So you must be ready

9. In every relationship, it takes two persons who never want to give up on each other. And that I call love.

10. Sometimes being in a relationship get boring. Yes definitely it does, but then you don't have to run, it is natural.

Hello reader, there you have our first list of things everyone should know about relationships. I believe you've gotten some interesting facts and I guess you can't wait to see the remaining list.😊

Alright, let's continue. I will suggest you take this as a relationship advice before going into any relationship.  

11. Every relationship is made up of two imperfect persons. You don't have to expect the best from each other at all times because no one is perfect. We all have flaws.

12. Any relationship that does not see God as the source and the only hope for a better relationship, is already a failed relationship.  God should be seen first in any relationship.

13. Sometimes in a relationship, you have to admit being at fault even when you are right for the sake of peace to rain between the both of you.

14. In a relationship, Knowing that there is somebody who makes you feel special and lean on each other's shoulders are some of the beauties of being in a relationship.  

15. In relationships, the same person who brings you sunshine could also be the reason for your blues.

16. Until you are doing things without thinking and you don't care about the consequence you are not yet in a relationship.

17. Not all relationship will Work. You don't need to spend materials things to make up and keep a good relationship. These things are natural and don't need an extra force to make it work.

18. In all relationship. It's very difficult to be together all day with your partner and don't have a little quarrel or misunderstanding. If it happens that there is no quarrel or misunderstanding, check that relationship (your partner) very well.

19. No relationship will succeed if it constantly listens to gossip and side talks. Probably your partner traveled for a couple of months and all people around you keep telling you is maybe he/she is over there having fun and cheating on you. If you pay attention to their comments and thought you will definitely have doubt in your heart against your partner. 

20. No relationship will ever succeed especially when one person is an unrepentant cheat.

21. Every relationship that will work needs Mutual minds. Sharing the same vision and dreams (Like minds) helps a lot in a relationship because no one will dislike what the other is doing rather will encourage each other. Then you will hear things like you are my kind of person.

22. Any relationship. Going into any relationship at all is a risk on its own.

23. Every relationship has it honeymoon phase and thereafter is the real deal.

24. Don't compare your relationship to anyone else's own. Mr. A can never be Mr. B no matter how He/She tries.

25. How to know if you are in a relationship with a great guy, watch how he treats the female folks in his life. The same thing goes for girls.

There you have the amazing list of things everyone should know about relationships.

But that's not where we are going to stop in this article. I'd also like to make it more real and clay with this video

Check out this video from Josh Speaks it will also help you with relationship advice and thing you should know about relationships.

 Some Frequently Ask Questions And Answers

Q: What matters most in a relationship?

A: Love and the relationship itself

Q: Why must I be in a relationship

A: Relationship can help make you a better person and also share love and care.

Q: How long can I stay in a relationship with a particular person.

A: That question depends on both parties but I will still give my answer by saying ''For as long as you wish.

Thank you so much for your times.  

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