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Monday, March 19, 2018

How Was The Bible Written | Deep Insight

How Was The Bible Written

How Was The Bible Written

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Today's article to me sounds very interesting and I also believe it will interest you as well. We will be looking at a very arguable topic in the history of theology which is ''How Was The Bible Written''.

The bible is a spiritual book that contains sixty-six individual books and it is the source of our Christian faith. In it, there are verities of writings such as poetry, prose, biography, official records, letters, history, Prophecy, the moral and political law, family trees, songs, and prayers. It's very important to recognize the types of writing when reading the bible so that we read on its own terms, but if you probably relate history to prayer it could be very difficult to understand.

It might be difficult for some persons to still understand how the bible was written due to numerous great thinkers who at some point contradicted its authenticity, making it strenuous for people (scholar) to classify the truth from oversight.

But if you carefully read this article, I assure you will certainly have a clear knowledge about the big question ''how was the bible written.

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The word Bible was actually gotten from a Greek word Biblia, which means book, a collection of many books, you can call it a library. The book we know today as the Bible was not just some kind of book that was just suddenly written but rather it took a very long journey through many eras, communities and so on.

Hey! don't get it twisted. It took a long process so that it can become the sacred text (book) that is well recognized today as many authors from different places and time wrote and edited each book that constitutes the Hebrew Bible and the new testament. History has it that these process prolonged over a thousand years period.

Mind you, Jesus did not give his disciples a list of the books from the bible before he ascended into heaven, rather he guided the early leaders of the Church by the Holy Spirit which book is to belong in the bible.

Our modern version of the Bible is the result of a long process going back hundreds of years ago, a process involving writers, translators, editors, and scholars. Christians consider that the origin and ultimate author of the Bible is God, but it is also clear that he has used human gift and skills in the process of putting his messages into writing.

Scripture says in 2 Peter 1:21 '' For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit''. This means that God communicated his word in some way through people. In other words, it's reasonable to imagine that God worked through those who were involved in the process of writing down and translating his message.

Many Christians and Jews recorded the earliest bible writings (The first five books of the Bible which are commonly called the Pentateuch) to the time of Moses. This was probably the second millennium (B.C.E). But Bible scholars today claim that the earliest bible text was rather written in the seventh century or the eighth-century B.C.E.

Moses also narrated events in the first eleven chapter of the Bible that took place long before his time, despite the fact that he lived between 1500 and 1300 BC. It was also recorded that God gave Moses two tablets of the testimony (the tablets of stone) that was described by the finger of God in Exodus 31:18. This continued from Joshua to the last Old Testament Prophets, Malachi, who also wrote his brief tract around 450 BC.

But do you know that the earliest biblical texts were first written on scrolls made from papyrus, and this was done in the second or third century C.E which the papyrus was folded and stitched into codex  and it quiet amazing that it closely duplicate our modern print book.
Hello, I hope you are not getting confused, just to remind you that all we have been talking about is still centered on our topic for today's article ''How Was The Bible Written''  and my earnest desire is that you understand and know for yourself the History Of The Bible.

The Bible was written over 1500 years by 40 writers. Today the bible doesn't only inspire us but rather it goes ahead to explain life and God to us, with numerous answers to our questions, teaching us how to relate to others and enjoy his love for us and most importantly it guides us to eternal life.

The Bible was composed in a well develop environment of recording history, thought and communication, which God revealed himself to the Hebrew prophets who decided to record his message to the world and not just the Hebrew nation.

It was originally written in three languages before it was later translated into English, (the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic). Although Hebrew and Aramaic are Semitic in nature, today these three languages are still in existence. Sometimes while writing, the writers had some other manuscripts before them that contained some facts about the past. Don't get me wrong, the bible was not a copy of these books, rather it is a selected word about God's truth.

Note: The Word of God which we have today is the same as what was originally written because some people have this mindset that since the bible has been translated many times, it has been corrupted through stages of translation. But what I will like you to know and never forget  is that the Hebrew Bible was originally translated directed from Greek which is known as the Septuagint (LXX) that later became the received text of the Old Testament in the Catholic Church and also the basis of its Canon with the first portion of the Hebrew Bible called the Torah which was later also translated into Koine Greek. 

Alright reader! I believe by this time you would've gotten some reasonable point from our topic in this article ''How Was The Bible Written''. But I will not just end here, reason because I'd like to give you some other important information about this topic.

The word of God which is the bible is an uncommon book with no comparison to other books that were ever written, despite its subject matter and authorship, it's important to note that its origin is traced to the work of the Holy Spirit rather than to a human Penman.

What we have in the bible is more than just a normal book. It's a Spiritual book regulated by the Holy Spirit with some strange revelation beyond the knowledge of man making it difficult to understand except the Holy Spirit himself revealed it.

Before you go, I'd like to share this explanatory video from Living Faith Church Creative Team. Trust me this will ''wow'' and intensify your knowledge on how was the bible written.

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So as Christians we need to understand that the bible is like the source of information about God And It reveals God's standard of right and wrong, teaching us God's plan for salvation. It also reveals His will for His creatures. So all we need for a better future as a Christian is in the Bible including our future, salvation, righteousness, forgiveness, restoration and eternity.

Some Frequently Asked Question And Answers 

Q: When Was The Bible Written? 

A: The Bible was not actually written in a particular year or in a single location, rather it is a collection of writings.

Q: When Was The New Testament Written?

A: The New Testament was written during the middle of the Ist century period, that is the last half of the Ist century AD.

Q: Who Wrote The 27 Books Of The New Testament?

A: The 27 books of the new testament were written by nine different authors and all of them were Jewish except for Luke. We had Matthew, Mark, Luke John, James, Jude, Paul, and Peter. One of them was unknown who wrote the books of Hebrew to the Hebrews.

Q: Why Are There Only 27 Books In The New Testament 

A: We have 27 books in the new testament because only these 27 books are inspired by God. So there was absolutely no need to add any other.

Q: How Old Is The Bible?

A: The Oldest Biblical text found is about 2700 years old, and most Bible scholars believe that Genesis was the first Book written down which was in the 1450 BC to 1400 BC. So, in that case, the Bible is probably 3500 years ago.

Here we have come to the end of our topic for today's article ''How Was The Bible Written''  So feel free to ask a question and drop your comment regarding this post.

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