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Thursday, February 8, 2018

How To Handle Depression As A Christian | MUST READ!

How To Handle Depression As A Christian

How To Handle Depression As A Christian

Proverbs 12:25 say ''An anxious heart weighs a man down, but kind words cheers him up''

Many people have actually neglected the fact that one of the world's most feared spread evil and most destructive force, comes from within (self-destruction).

Talking about how to handle depression as a Christian in this article is going to be one of your most favorite moments because I will specifically make this article interesting and most importantly I'll teach you how to handle depression.

Depression is one of the most terrible moments in a person life, a moment when inspiration becomes aspiration and aspiration becomes infatuation, then the state of frustration (depression) sets in, giving you the inability to visualize a happy future.

And then these questions come into your mind:

Why am I this way? 
Why am I depressed? 
Is it fate? 
Is it genetic influence? 
Is it my knowledge or rather my ignorance? 
Is it my society or is it me?

And you will be wondering, how can I overcome this (depression). Don't worry you are on the right page, just keep reading.    

Someone once said that ''depression is simply the human mind telling the body it is tired, as a result of the consistency in its inconsistency towards challenging negative thought whereby giving up on every attempts to handle a viable solution that will visualize a happy ending'' 

This state of mind facilitates the acceptance of what so ever circumstance, life throws at an individual without any objections.

This simple definition really says a lot as many Christians currently faced with depression strives to get a solution on how to handle depression as a Christian because their minds every now and then work overtime trying to find a meaningful solution to their present predicament.

Many things make us both mentally and emotionally drained, a few of these can be the devastating feeling of losing a loved one, another might be the heartbreaking news of losing a job or the disappointment of having been sacked from a job which is your only source of securing the necessities of life, how about having to lose something you've felt you deserved.

This can cause an individual to feel broken and also paint the reality of how to handle depression as a Christian on their mind.

Moving on,

Now that you have gotten some information about depression, it's time for you to know how to handle depression as a Christian.



One thing I see about depressed persons is that there don't take responsibilities for their lifes and don't believe they're in control of their lives. They lack the ability to take charge of their life and this single act keep them in a depressed state.

You might ask yourself this question, how about does persons that are satisfied in life yet depressed? The answer to that question is because they haven't taken responsibilities of their life.

So in other to be know how can you can handle depression as a Christian, I personally believe you should take responsibilities of your life. Make your decisions, be in control. 


Control your mind and don't let your mind rule you, be the god of your mind first, pay attention and control what you think about. Picture your mind towards a better future ahead rather than settling on your troubles. And most especially know what you read and listen to, I will advise you study the scripture and meditate on it day and night so that the Holy Spirit can renew your mind.


It's very important to reconnect with your genuine source which is the hope for your inner peace and purpose. I'm talking about the creator of heaven and the earth, the ever dependable source who is the way the truth and the life(John 14:16).

The one whose thought towards you is of good and not of evil, talking you to your expected and anticipated end (Jeremiah 29:11). And he's inevitably willing to help lift you up out of that present state of mind which mankind's action and the reaction has placed you.

So it's necessary that you realize your source and reconnect to it with all amount of your ability. Though it may not be that easy, it all begins with a step.


If you live by what people say and think about you that somehow affected your actions, you will definitely be depressed. So challenge your mind, your environment and make it known that you can't be depressed for any reason.

It's true that depression alters your general way of thinking, (Thought) and sometimes with a mix thought of positive or negative mind and it can also keep you in a state of always feeling distorted about life.

But I wrote to let you know, with all amount of assurance and experience that you can challenge your mind and what people say about you even in a depressed state, which will always help you to handle depression as a Christian.   


Don't overwork yourself and forget that your body system needs rest, so ensure to get plenty of rest within the 24 hours of the day at least eight hours of a good night rest(sleep). A study shows that rest heals both the emotional and physical stress that can amount to depression. So if possible you could engage in watching a movie, meeting friends, listening to good music, take a walk, meditate on God's word, take a warm bath and the list goes on.

But before you go I will like to say this

Don't let your mind magnify your fears, and don't allow anyone specify you dares, draw your strength from the scripture, let go of the past and look into the future, better days ahead.


Depression is real, it affects all kinds of people around the world no matter their status. Even some people in the bible went through depression as well, people like Job, Elijah, Moses, Naomi, Esther and so on. But here is the good news, God's word will always comfort and give you hope to visualize a better future.

So I will advise once more that you study the scripture(God words) every day so that you can know how to handle depression as a Christian yourself.

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