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Thursday, January 18, 2018

How To Get Rid Of Addictions | Best Guide For Life


How To Get Rid Of Addictions

Have you tried to find a solution on how to get rid of addictions and it seems as though you are not making a headway?

It is natural to question the possibilities of ever having to solve it.

These challenges could come in different forms. It could, for instance, be an addiction to a bad habit such as smoking, drinking, sex, etc. you may find yourself moving from beer to marijuana and from marijuana to cocaine. 

Some young persons move from masturbation to being gay; every day they go deeper into these bad habits.

But here is the good news, this article is specifically  here to guide you on how to get rid of addictions

Addiction has become one of the major challenges of young people, if you ask some young people why they get themselves involved in this bad habits, their reply will be, "For the fun of it." But why get involved in an addiction when the risk is so great?

Don't be surprised that it is the devil that is making you waste your life in unprofitable works. You have great future that you can manifest in a greater way if you can invest positively in it. One thing you should know is this, the devil will do all he can to stop you, especially if he sees and knows how great your future will be

Satan only fights to corrupt what has worth, you remember he tried to distract Jesus by presenting Him with a gift of the whole world. Wow! What a juicy offer. But we know from the scripture that it was far too little compared to what Jesus was to achieve.

I can agree with you that sometimes you regret why you ever got yourself into the mess, you've made efforts and it seems as if there is no way out. You keep asking this question over and over again from numerous website ''How To Get Rid of Addictions?

Any time you find yourself reminiscing about these evil habits, you begin to feel so bad. That pain is because you are doing what you don't like to do, your entire being hated it, but you keep finding yourself in it, even when you have prayed fervently for change, you will see yourself always going back there after some days.

Don't give up, do not kill yourself thinking you will end up in addiction. But just put a smile on your face because you just click on the right page that's going to guide you on how to get rid of addictions.

But before I proceed in revealing to you how to get rid of addictions, I will like to show you some fact you need to know about your life and cause of addiction. 

  • Know who you accept into your life (Your friends)
  • Know what you do in your closet  (leisure)
  • Know what you think about  (Your imaginations)
  • Know how you see yourself  (Self-esteem)
  • Know what you watch and listen to (personal views) 
  • Know your weak point (Your Flaws)
  • And most especially know yourself (personality)  

These principles are very important in one's life if considered it will help to minimize the rate of getting easily addicted to things that don't worth your personality because all these things listed above influences our life either positively or negatively. So if you know and have control over how you go about your life in accordance with those principles listed above, you will definitely not have issues with addictions.

Causes Of Addictions

Peer Pressure: Who you surround yourself with matters a lot. The first place a child learns about life is the home but the place he spends most of his time in is the school which he gets so free to mingle. Your friends influence you, you might find yourself having a group of friends that are addicted to sex, the probability of you being a sex addict as well is high, so high that you can't do without it a day with the mindset of feeling among. This is one of the reasons why people tend to develop a bad habit and later it becomes an addition. 

Family Background:  You are fifty percent likely to be an addict if one of your parents was(is) an addict. Reason points towards hereditary taking responsibility for about fifty percent of the development of addiction according to national institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism. 

Not only is addiction hereditary but enforced and learned. A child is more likely to be an addict to something because their parent or family members are. Most children learn from someone close to them and see what they do, feeling it's right and just, and some parents are not aware that their children look and imitate them which definitely determines their lifestyle. 

Emotional Trauma: This has a vital role to play, many individuals are addicted today to certain things even though they have a good family background or group of friends, some addictions are private that only them know about it.

People go through a lot every day and when they have an emotional break down they tend to turn to something that brings them pleasure, be it masturbation, alcohol, drugs, social media, television, food, the list goes on. Losing a loved one can easily trigger such or a heartbreak. Many people don't know how to deal with stress and they run to fleshy pleasure with the feeling of just one bottle of alcohol, first time of sex, first time of masturbation and that's all it takes. So when they feel they have seen the pleasure in it, before long they become addicted because of an emotional trauma.

This is also a cause of addiction which lies under emotions, because of loneliness someone tends to run for companionship, fun or pleasure and this is one of the reasons why they get addicted to a bad habit.

Exposure While Young: One of the reasons why someone gets addicted to something is because he/she got exposed to it while at a young age. A child can get addicted to drugs because he/she was exposed to it and then started taking it early in life without a proper orientation or education about it. According to research, reasons have shown that why some adults are addicted to something, be it drugs, sex, alcohol, masturbation, is because they started very young and thereafter it became so hard for them mentally to get rid of it.

It's hard to get rid of a habit when you have done it several times, it's as simple as constantly doing something and suddenly get addicted to it.

Note: If this is just going to be a regular article you read online, then this is not for you. You should not only read these things without the mindset of getting rid of your addiction. Have a deep reason why you want to get rid of an addiction(s) unless you will quit in the process.

Ways To Get Rid Of Addictions

Self Determination: Everyone has the right to self-determination which is freedom of choice.
Now talking about self-determination and how it contributes to getting rid of an addiction is very important, because nothing can bend you to a different choice if you are self-determined.

Being self-determined has a way of adding to your reputation in the society, and the same applies when you are determined to get rid of a particularly bad habit you have long nurtured and struggled with.

It's somehow different to make a decision and stay on it, but there are several ways that could help your determination in getting rid of a bad habit.

And some of this is, Talking to someone about it, seeking for help, reading motivational books and most especially making up your mind yourself, make it as strong as whatever you could think of.
This will possibly help you on how to get rid of addictions.

Be Courageous: Courage is very important when it has to do with overcoming a particular stage or state. It takes a heart full of courage to take a step towards something.

Have you ever been in the midst of friends that encourage you on a particularly bad habit? If yes then you should develop courage in getting rid of those friends that influence you.

Don't be discouraged in getting rid of addiction through peer pressure, try a different technique in strengthening your courage with a confidential 'No'.

Seek For Professional Support (Counselling): In most cases getting rid of addiction personally might be difficult for some persons, so the best thing to do at that point is to seek for personal and professional support.

It's not an easy process to get rid of addictions but with professional advice and counseling, it will go a long way. Talk about your addiction with loved ones, stop making it a secret, try putting into action the steps and guides given to you by your counselor, starve yourself of that urge and get busy.

Create A Perfect Distraction: If you find a hobby or something that excites you outside your addiction and somehow could be of positive influence to your life, I will advise you to distract yourself with it whenever the urge for your addiction comes. For instance, if it's reading motivational books, writing, graphics design or playing the piano, get up with it and you will discover you are off the bad habit.

Engage Yourself: Get out of your comfort zone. Most times you tend to give into addictions because of loneliness, heartbreak, lost of love one or any emotional trauma.

You tend to run to your addiction for pleasure and comfort. Now you want to get rid of this bad habit, you should engage yourself. The more you explore your environment or find friends the more you think less of addiction, take some time and travel, visit new places, learn a new language, learn a skill, improve on your talent,  play a little bit of sport, exercise more.

Stop staying in your comfort zone, step out explore the world not only by going there but learn about it, and take some time from the television, social media, put more things on your schedule to take your time and gradually you will realize you are less addicted.

Abstinence: To get rid of addiction(s), with all the point explained above you, abstinence plays a vital role. Abstinence takes determination and self-control, when addicted to something or someone you will have to stay away from it, you wouldn't easily get out of an addiction by constantly engaging yourself around it. As in fasting it more difficult to fast when delicious food or meal is around.

Just as you stay away from food when fasting, you should stay away from what gets you addicted. No one can effectively stop addiction of smoking while working in a bar or club.

Abstaining from an addition doesn't completely solve the problem but getting away from things that lead to it, if you are addicted to social media the best thing is to get rid of or put away internet enabled device away. The same thing goes for other addictions.

In addition, have self-control, you should learn that when you try your best to stay away from addiction and it keeps coming your way then you should face your fears and control your feelings. Only someone who has fought a lion has experience on it with more knowledge and confidence to face the fears.

Have it in mind that addiction is a mental disease and you should do everything within your power to get rid of it. If you follow the guides listed above you, knowing fully how harmful it has been, I assure you will get rid of addiction(s).

In conclusion, I solicit that you rap up every step you take on how to get rid of addictions with prayers, make prayer you best choice today and you will find out that addiction will suddenly become a past story in your life.

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