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Thursday, January 4, 2018

4 Ways To Discover Your Purpose In Life | With Scriptures

Ways To Discover Your Purpose In Life

Ways To Discover Your Purpose In Life

Most people tend to seek for ways to discover purpose in life while many other persons existing on planet earth feel it's right to just live without striving to know ways to discover their purpose in life and the essence of their existence, forgetting that everyone was created for a purpose.

It's very disappointing that with over five billion people in the world today only a few percentages have and will discover purpose, many end up becoming a deposit to the grave without taking a step to discover their purpose in life. We must understand this by possessing and committing ourselves to discovering purpose in life and also maximizing our time in this short life.

 "All men came into the world with limitless ability, but a few draws to their full range"
Scripture says Proverb 20:5  The purpose of a person's heart are like deep water, but one who has understanding brings it out. NIRV.  

People keep wondering at one point in life why do I exist, what's my purpose in life, is there even a purpose in life? If there is how can I get there?
Purpose is the reason  for which something is done or created or for which something exists, for some people it's comes as a career or profession, that one thing that makes people wow at and say you're very good at this, which is actually very important because we all need to be fulfilled in life.


Here are some ways to discovering your purpose in life  

SEEKING GOD'S FACE: As humans, we tend to seek after fame, money, entertainment and material things. it's very clear that these things satisfy but little. More so, seeking God's face give more meaning and add more value to our life in discovering purpose.

 1Kings 22:5 But Jehoshaphat also said to the king of Isreal  "First seek the counsel of the Lord"

God's wisdom is far beyond the knowledge of man.

The best way to get direction, insight into whatever we're looking for or planning to get is in God by seeking his face.
Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a person's heart but its the Lord's purpose that prevails.
We can make up plans and set out to accomplished them, but if we don't seek God's face and His direction we might end up revolving around the same circle for no particular reason.

Every success begins with God and ends with God. Seeking the face of God is seeking his presence, and when there's a presence of God in once life there's always a definite direction.

But unfortunately, we keep engaging ourselves selfishly with all amount of effort rather than truly seeking God face with all our strength for direction.
2 Samuel 5:19 And David enquired of the Lord, saying, shall I go up to the Philistines? wilt thou deliver them into mine hand? And the Lord said unto David, go up for I will doubtless deliver the philistine into thine hand.

So in other to get direction in finding our life purpose we need to first seek the face of God to know when to move, how to move and where to move to.
Now some people may ask how then can I seek God's face in discovering my purpose in life
You can seek God's face by calling upon him in prayer, and when this is done every other thing will be added.
Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

DISCOVER YOURSELF: Now here goes a very simple question: Who are you? This is a very important question one needs to have an answer to, but if you discover that you don't have a specific answer to this question then you are yet to have a clear picture of who you are, your own identity and what you want. Having a plain picture of yourself is very important in discovering who you are which definitely helps in discovering your life purpose.

It's impossible to discover your purpose in life when you are not clear about who you are. Knowing that one thing that catches your interest and that one thing that makes people "Wow" at. It could be singing, speaking, writing, dancing, craft making, reading, music and so on.

Discovering yourself has a unique level of self-satisfaction. If there is no clear picture of your identity, you can be easily influenced by things that don't worth your personality which will make you settle for less.

Scripture says: Hebrews 2:6-7 But there is a place where someone has testified: "What is mankind that you are mindful of them, a son of man that you care for him? You made them a little lower than the angels; you crowned them with glory and honor.
We are the image of God, a true identity of who Christ is, made in his likeness, powerful and wonderfully made. So nothing should by any means limit our imagination. Think big, see yourself great, know who you are and work towards it, think about your value, pay close attention to that thing that keeps happening in your life, know your goals, seek for advice from the right source,  have a positive yes always and know what you love. This will definitely help in discovering yourself   

TAKE A STEP:  Spending all day in thought especially when you are worried about life or about ways to discover your purpose in life would rather put you in a place of regrets about your past and worries about your future. Instead, the best way to get to your dreams is by taking a step. 

Coming out of your comfort zone makes you see beyond your present and gives you a brighter vision and ability to work towards the impossible, and this can be done through a single act which is Silencing your doubts in taking a step towards discovering your purpose in life. 

Many times we get so excited about what we've been dreaming of and intending to do, but along the line, we find ourselves ultimately not doing it again, maybe because of some reserve thought like"what if it doesn't work? Is it for real? Or will I just be wasting my time? and so on.
 I didn't say thinking about all these things in discovering your purpose in life doesn't really count, yes it does. But I meant it could delay your steps towards your dreams.

Most of all those thoughts likely come from friends and loved ones through suggestions. One thing we should know is that we do not need to listen to every body's advice and opinion before setting up for a particular goal, rather just a few advice that will be of help. Taking a step towards what you desire is much better than sitting in thought and admiration about it. 

Taking a risk in following your heart might end up with a greater result rather than listening to the crowd, just do it you may never know the result until you try.

BE CONSISTENT: There's a saying that ''the secret to success is the consistency of purpose''. You may be wondering why knowing your purpose in life has to do with being consistent, I will say it's very important and it has everything to do with it. The reason why a lot of persons lack consistency is that there are not operating in their purpose, so it is one thing to be consistent and another thing to be consistent in purpose.

When you are not clear with what you're supposed to be doing you end of feeling frustrated and find yourself in a continuous cycle of always starting all over again without completing any of it because you are simply not on the right track.

Now in other to be successful in ways to discover your purpose in life you need to put in your time each and every day to that one thing that interests you so much and one of the most important things that help you make progress, getting in shape, doing better works and achieving a unique level of success in a particular area of life is consistency.

Don't limit yourself and mentality because you may not know how much, time and discipline contribute to your success. Consistency is basically a much greater factor in success and it lies within the reach of everyone. The good news is that anything you apply consistency, the focus will show progress. Consistency helps in developing you for your purpose, building your momentum and create a unique habit that becomes a part of you.

Note: No matter how great your dreams and purpose may seem to be, you will never get to your victory if you do not effortlessly apply a high level of consistency to it. So in order to get what you want in discovering your purpose in life, you have to choose one direction and move towards it and consistently improving over a period of time.

Be patient with yourself, stop aiming for rapid personal change, growth is tender, and there's no other greater investment than consistently investing in your time.

It's funny that people keep looking for the easy way out in becoming purposeful, but the truth is life doesn't work that way, there is nothing like sudden success, the only way to success is consistent scarifies. So stop looking for the short way that brings fast result because not all that glitters are gold. Fix your consistency in the actual work that needs to be done.

Put yourself through it, because most times the hard, long process seems to be the only way. The idea here is, being consistent, improving your life looking beyond how small the step you took maybe because every step you take moves you away from your previous stage.

At this point I will say keep it up in consistency, know what your purpose is and you will not struggle with your consistency.

Finally, it is very hard to determine what you want to do with your life without knowing ways to discover your purpose in life, so it's important to know what drives and motivates you, listen to your heart, what is your heart saying? follow it and make sure it's what makes you happy.

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